Malossi Fly Clutch 112mm

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FLY CLUTCH - USE ON STOCK ATVS - DO NOT USE ON NATIONAL MOTORS -- DO NOT USE BLACK SHOE SPRINGS WITH FLY CLUTCH The new automatic clutch, is the result of the experience that Malossi engineers have accumulated with the Delta Cutch® adjustable automatic clutch. This new clutch has been designed and constructed to adapt perfectly toa standard vehicle and guarantee impeccable performance on all occasions. The Fly Clutch® automatic clutch is supplied pre-calibrated accordingto instructions supplied by our engineers after exhaustive testing on accelerometerbenches to check the reliability of every part of this new Malossi product. Therefore, the Fly Clutch® is a high-technology replacement that offersmaximum reliability and extremely long life: a state-of-the-art componentfor all racing scooters.103.5mm Clutch Requires 107mm Bell109mm Clutch can be used in OEM Stock Bell (Apex - DRR)Delta Clutch is Adjustable - Perfect for the Serious RacerFly Clutch is Non Adjustable - Stock to Mid-Race LevelsShoe Springs: Red = Race, Blue - Pro Race, Black - Extreme Race