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Youth ATV Power Up Kit Info

Mini-Quad Power-Up Kit
General Information


This performance kit was designed to work perfectly on a CVT youth ATV.  There is a chance you may encounter problems within the installation of this kit but it is unlikely.  The exhaust will work on most CVT style mini-quads engines (except LT80 style).  Minor modifications to the chassis/body to mount the exhaust are not uncommon.  Common modifications are (but not limited to)…

·Removal of Oil Injection System
…To clear way for the exhaust expansion chamber.  This is a common practice in racing situations because of the O.I.S.’s tendency to malfunction & its inconsistent oil/gasoline mixture.  The solution to this problem is to remove the O.I.S. and mix your gasoline with quality 2-stroke oil such as Bel-Ray H1R or Klotz R50. We also recommend 32:1 mixture.

·Removal of Battery & Box
…To clear way for the exhaust expansion chamber.  This is a common practice in racing situations because of the added weight created by the electric start system.  These quads come with a back-up kick start anyway.

·Silencer Mounting Bracket
…To relocate rear silencer mount.
Use a piece of flat stock metal to drop mounting location down approximately 2”.  Necessary only if above fixes do not solve problem.

·Cut up to 1.5” Off of Head Pipe
On some machines it may be necessary to clear floorboards or other parts that may get in the way.  It is a good idea to cut in 1/4″ or 1/2″ increments.

We recommend use of the spring with the thickest diameter wire, typically “Red” in color.  The thicker the wire, the higher the stall speed.

”Stall Speed” – Simply, the amount of engine RPM at the point where the clutch engages.

If you experience a lack of acceleration you may have a stall speed problem.
For added stall speed we recommend the following-

· Drill up to five 3/16 holes into the side of each shoe.

· Drill up to five 11/32 holes into the side of each shoe, outside of spring.

Do not drill the entire way through shoe.  Depth depends on the amount of mass you would like to remove.  Start with less depth and fewer holes to assure you do not remove too much weight.  Take your time; drill only a few holes at a time.  It may require up to five of each hole per shoe.  Any questions give us a call!