Crankshaft Stage6 R/T 95cc, 44mm stroke, 90mm conrod Minarelli Horizontal

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44mm R/T long-stroke crankshaft from Stage6 in the MKII version with optimised balancing and in a flow-optimised Pro-Flow design. Available with 90mm forged conrod. Just like the other R/T crankshafts, this one also has a reinforced 18mm conrod journal, silver thrust washers and high-quality Torrington silver cage bearing. Furthermore, the vario-side crankshaft end has been reinforced to 16mm and can thus only be used with Stage6 Oversize, Malossi Overrange or Polini Evo Vario with the respective vario hub. ncluded in the delivery is a 14mm small end bearing. To be able to mount pistons with 12mm and 13mm small end bearing, you will have to order them separately. The crankshaft makes it possible to use the large-displacement R/T cylinders and also provides a bargain alternative to Malossi’s BigBore crankshafts. Note: 44mm stroke und 90mm conrod. The crankcase will have to be opened up to 76.8mm! Including 14mm small end bearing.