Stage 6 Digital Ignition

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Finally this new Stage6 highlight is available for the public!
With PVL, we have managed to find a distinguished and competent partner to develop and manufacture our ignition. PVL have supplied their hardware, we have contributed the software, i.e. the two selectable ignition curves, based on years of experience in circuit and drag racing and with dyno runs.
The technical specifications are as follows:
- Digital ignition system
- Programmable ignition advance for an effective ignition timing even at 20,000 rpm
- Two ignition curves selectable during operation
- Inner rotor with low rotational inertia
Control unit:
- digital ignition with control unit
- small, lightweight casing thanks to SMD-technology
High tension coil:
- Ignition start already at less than 400 rpm
- Highly effective capacitive discharge (CDI)
- Constant discharging voltage
Stator- Rotor- unit:
- Lightweight inner rotor
- Low rotational inertia
- Outlined generator winding on the stator