Wrist Pin Bearing 14x17x16.6 - Stage6

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High quality silver small end bearing from Stage6 for many common engines. The best bearings available on the market! The original item should be replaced when using a new crankshaft or tuning cylinder. In addition to the common sizes, we also offer an extra-wide 10mm bearing. With some cylinder kits, the bearing has too much play and may wear unevenly. Also available are a 13mm and a 14mm version for all Stage6 R/T and Malossi BigBore kits as well as a silver reduction bearing. This bearing has been manufactured specifically for us, and it allows for using crankshafts with conrods for 12mm piston pins on cylinders that require 10mm piston pins. This allows for switching between high-end, sport and original cylinders without having to replace the crankshaft.